The Science of Numbers

  • Are you contemplating a job change or a major move?
  • Do you wonder if you’ll ever find the love of your life or want to improve a relationship?
  • Do you need clarity on a big decision?
  • Do you “feel” things you don’t completely understand?
  • Do you struggle to find your way in life?

A numerology session can help.  Its been recognized throughout history that names play a vital part in directing and influencing  the destinies of mankind.  Names represent character, human nature, and experience.  Numerology applies numbers to our names and then helps us recognize the potential hidden there.  It gives us a blueprint of the opportunities we are born to accomplish and shows us the way to success in life.  It’s an excellent method for understanding ourselves and improving our relationships with others.  Numerology uses your name and birth date to explore who you are, what you are destined to do, and the qualities you have that help you achieve your goals.

I’ll create a chart for specifically for you using your birth name and birth date.  Then we’ll sit together (this can be done via phone or other means if preferred) to read the chart.  I’ll explain what each number represents and answer any questions you have about your destiny and life path.  We can talk through your specific issues to get you on track to a better you.

Chart creation and reading is $75.

Fill out the form below and I will be in contact within 48 hours to initiate the creation of your chart.