About Melissa

Hi! I’m Melissa Webb, owner of breath.life.yoga. 100_6800-150x150I began my personal yoga journey in 1998 and I fell in love with how it made me feel. It spoke to me at such a deep level that I soon pursued yoga teacher training and received my first certification in 2003.

I can’t say I had much of a plan back then but I knew I had to share this amazing practice. I began to teach and quickly noticed that the questions people asked me often went deeper than “Is this proper alignment?” or “Why can’t I touch my toes?” They asked how to calm their minds. They asked how to eat better. They asked about juicing and acupuncture. They asked about God. They wanted to know how to be happier.

There’s rarely one absolutely correct answer to these questions. So I set out to create a space where people felt safe to ask and then explore a variety of answers to their questions. I want to educate and support people on their journey, no matter what their journey looks like.

Since my first class in 1998 I’ve studied A LOT more. I’m considered an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and certified as such. I studied therapeutic yoga and Ayurveda extensively. I’m a certified health coach. I think of myself as a life long learner.

I realize now that the “plan” has always been to provide people with a holistic approach to inspired living. I hope that message, along with my love of people, comes through in my approach and in my teaching.